Why did we start Pre-ITO and ITO?

Why did we start Pre-ITO and ITO?

We often receive questions like: "Why are doing this Pre-ITO if you have such a good trading bot?"
Especially we got a lot of messages regarding latest stress test of our realBOT.

So first of all you have to understand that its too early to make findings regarding the tradings statement of latest HFT test, because this time market allowed us to make such profit, but sometimes there are loss trades too in our main accounts. In addition we also would like to add that such stress tests are risky and before running the bot this way we have to make more tests of the algorithm.

Also you have to understand that Pre-ITO and ITO aren't necessary for us. This is important first off all for you, because early birds always get better conditions.

Many people who aren't familiar with trading absolutely don't understand that the size of the trading positions operated by our trading bot cannot be infinite. At the moment, we can’t overcome the mark above 100 BTC in each trading account, another limit is that we also can't have a lot of trading accounts because the tradings are starting to interfere with each other. And also we would like to stay invisible for whales (Exchange owners, Market Makers, Banks and etc). We are kind of balancing on the edge of the abyss.

Each market always has its own unwritten laws and limits for swing trading (holding a position for several days) and for intraday trading (HFT and Daytrading). Fortunately, we have good practices and methods for gradually increasing the trading positions, but it takes time to run new options and rushing in this matter is bad idea, because not only our personal finances and the finances of our CEO are at stake, but your investments too.