Revolution has begun!

Dear crypto community,

Finally, we came out of the shadows and can revive our truly decentralized project with the original concept of 2016.

We would be glad to see you in our community. Together we are a force. The force which could change the entire financial order.

Our realbitconnect project has nothing to do with the past two past scam projects - Bitconnect and BitconnectX, as well as their many clones. Even though the original concept of bitconnect belongs to us and in our original concept there was no scam and Ponzi scheme.

However, past admins changed our concept and decided to fool people by stealing all their money. The original concept of bitconnect implied an investment project that could maintain the liquidity of its coin thanks to:
- Trading bot;
- Decentralized exchange (which can’t be controlled by anyone);
- Investments in other projects; 
- Merchant platform where people could buy and sell any things for cryptocurrency.

We are well aware that by calling our project realbitconnect, we'll immediately get people's anger since the first associations will be with those projects that spoiled this name. Of course, we could use a different name without being associated with other scams, but we decided to choose the most difficult path and try to restore the original honest name of our project.

To understand more about why our project is called realbitconnect, who stood behind the past scams and find out the truth about bitconnect, please watch our manifest using the following link:

Interesting fact, after sometime when we've uploaded our manifest video on YouTube we've noticed glitches on it which were not before the uploading. The first part of the video was redacted by YouTube (from 00:37 to 02:50). They have redacted first part about Financial Crash scam which means they have something to hide and be redacted. Authorities with the help of YouTube team is redacting other our YouTube content again (No KYC Registration video).

For watching the full uncensored manifest video with download feature please proceed to our website:

We think that soon all our videos about Truth of Bitconnect on all YouTube channels will be redacted too by the authorities in random places on the video!

Also, we remind you again that we, as true creators of the original honest concept of bitconnect, owe nothing to anyone. If you are invested your money into fake bitconnect because of greed, ignorance and not having absolutely no knowledge in terms of investments, trusting to YouTube “gurus” (who did understand nothing in investments), then remember that this is only your fault and don't shift your mistake to others.

However, we respect and value our community and will be happy to answer all your questions.


Respectfully yours,
realbitconnect team