realBOT API for real investors


realBOT API for real investors:

Serious projects never reveal their cards immediately, but do everything gradually. Now we decided to open the veil of secrecy and talk about one of the exciting new opportunities for investors. And by the way, no one previously did such thing, maybe because they don't have a good trading bot.

As you all see at the moment on the Internet, only our project conducts the most honest and transparent policy with all of its still small community. For some reason, all other projects are always silent and hide something from their own investors. We think that this is due to the lack of a real trading bot.

Even before the launch of realbitconnect, our team worked to minimize all risks for future investors. We have achieved great success and want to bring to your attention realAPI, based on a separate trading Centurion algorithm (one of the cards was named for a reason).

Let's say right away that this is not the current trading bot algorithm, which is used on all other accounts due to certain trading specifics. This is a slightly different system designed specifically for connecting other accounts via API. However, the Centurion trading algorithm still allows you to make a profit, albeit less than you can see in any of our video reports.

Now the whole community, other crypto-based projects, and especially private investors have an excellent opportunity to connect their account on BitMEX, thereby not only storing their funds on the exchange but also receiving passive income by auto trading thanks to our trading bot.

We are also working on connecting other exchanges to realAPI. Soon we will report this separately. In fact, a lot of work has been done. And this is still before the start of realDEX.
We are truly proud of this!

Requirements for requesting realAPI to your BitMEX account:

1. The investor should have at least 30.000 (Thirty thousand) RBCM. Airdropped RBCM doesn't count, only RBCM coins that were bought in realbitconnect platform.

2. The minimum balance on your BitMEX account should be 12.5 BTC. As Centurion algorithm can work only with this starting amount, otherwise there will be glitches in trading.


Previously we wanted to launch realAPI after ITO, but we've decided to launch it now for increasing the Pre-ITO sales, which will be good for the community because the earlier soft cap will be reached, the earlier we will be close to ITO, realDEX and withdrawal feature.

And the main point is that the investor who invested more in RBCM will get faster return, because of realAPI and rise of RBCM coin.