Questions from community

Dear friends,

We are receiving many emails and messages from our community about our project and decided to make additional F.A.Q.


Question: In the FAQ you have mentioned "BCC coins which were transferred to your wallet after 01/07/2019 wont be counted for airdrop."

I invested more than 30000 USD in, when that turned into scam, I got 125+ BCC coins and I immediately tranferred into my desktop wallet.
I started staking those coins. Now I have 135.87762361 BCC, in that after 01/07/2019 I got 12+ mined coins. My question is will the mined coins accepted for airdrop?

Answer: All recieved BCC coins after 01/07/2019 wont be counted for an airdrop except staked coins. All staked BCC coins which were received before 13/09/2019 will be counted for the aidrop.


Questions: Will the realBOT be fully functional and ready for RBCM users before realDEX ? Earliest, when the RBCM users will start geting passive income?

Answer: realBOT is already functioning and trading for us. Maybe you didnt notice but we showed one of the realBOT trading account's statement in our manifest video. Take a look. More information about realBOT trading algorithm will be revealed soon. Stay tuned to our official Telegram news channel.


Question: So when can we swap the bcc for USDT or the RcBM( erc token)? How does the airdrop work?

Answer: Exchanging BCC to RBCM was a past idea, now we've decided to make an airdrop for BCC holders. When Pre-ITO starts we will airdrop RBCM coins to your account.
More details will be revealed soon.


Question: It will give same 1% daily as passive income just like previous fake bitconnect was giving or something different plan?

Answer: 1% per day isnt correct from economical side. All other projects which promise you 1% or more per day are scam projects and more probably using Ponzi pyramid schemes.
The profit in our project depends on how our realBOT trades. There are a lot of factors: voliatlity, trend direction, overall trading volume, manipulations from MarketMakers and so on. But for most of time realBOT trades stable and you can use our calculator on official website for calculating your profits.


Question: hi, you say that you will airdrop users who did not change their bcc wallet after 1st July. Can't you just take a snapshot of the balances at that date? In getting my wallet working again I have received some staking balance after that date.

Answer: The date 01/07/2019 is only about any received BCC coins from other wallets and doesn't concern to staked BCC coins. All your staked BCC coins received to your wallet before 13/09/2019 will be counted for an airdrop.


Question: Sir, Please use (NEW-BORN) BCCX coin in place of RBCM (RBCM is strange & BCCX is the perfect currency for world)
BCCX blockchain is very well and good already spread to the world...
{Past BCCX was abandoned earlier, a NEWLY-BORN BCCX coin is super-fast for transactions for the world}

Answer: We are developing our own blockchain and we are sure in it, so there is no need to use any other blockchain especially BCCX blockchain. Despite the fact that BCCX is spread already around some users we could spread our blockchain to more users in future thanks to many advantages.


Question: Why is there no white paper?

Answer: Who said that we have to publish a whitepaper?
Whitepapers were mostly used in 2016-2018 by ICO teams, but most of their whitepapers were useless, because there were no any useful information, only "smart" words for blurring the eyes.
For example: lets look to first version Tron (TRX) whitepaper. It was just a copy of several different whitepapers from other projects. Ok, lets look to the essence of TRX coin: we still listening only promises from Mr. Sun about how useful TRX will be in future and so on, but nothing real, except that several platforms and some casinos are accepting TRX coin.


Question: Why should I even begin to believe in a project that promises a future blockchain, trading platform, decentralized exchange, merchant trading platform etc...but has none of these properties or anything else concrete to show for themselves?

Answer: We aren't forcing you to believe in us or our project. We just do what want to do and what have to do. And we are revealing information about the project and showing the project parts step by step. When we came out from the shadows we showed only our manifest, then after some time, we revealed more information about the project, the coin, realDEX and etc. So when the time comes we will show a realDEX exchange, merchant platform. But you should know that these projects are still under development.


Question: This also seems to be a clear attempt to make a number of peoples Bitconnect coins actually worth something, artificially inflating their value with another "breakthrough coin", so that they can simply be dumped off on the foolish and unsuspecting.

Answer: We abandoned the idea of exchanging BCC to RBCM for avoiding any speculations with this coin, instead we will make an airdrop, so users will still keep their worthless BCC coins.


Hope this F.A.Q. will reveal more information about us. But if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. 

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Respectfully yours,
realbitconnect team