Bitcointalk banned our account (blackmail)


Video proof:

bitcointalk blackmail

Another confirmation of censorship even in the crypto world. Today we've received a message from bitcointalk forum that our account was banned and for unbanning our account we should transfer them bitcoins.

Some of you could say that we've been banned because of bitconnect name in our project, but this is also ridiculous because there are dozens of posts and topics related to fake bitconnect. And even admins and moderators of the forum are promoting sport betting projects which are definitely scams.

We are still sure that our project is trying to be banned or blocked with the help of the authorities or greedy scam persons.

Our team decided to create own safe heaven for crypto enthusiasts where all of you could post and comment without censorship. And more details about our project in the future will be also posted on our news platform.

Of course, we are not going to pay a penny to this greedy exposed forum admin, because we know that our goals are good, fair and can help a lot of people. And unlike them, we don't blackmail. Anyway "black" or "scam" bitcointalk admins made a good thing for us, once again we see that way of all our community is absolutely right.

As our CEO says about bad people, you always need to analyze and separate the wheat from the chaff in order to know the truth of the goals of greedy people. Soon we will reveal news about a new place for our strong community, our new safe heaven where everyone could express their opinion without being censored.

It would be great if you spread this information among your friends, together we are an indestructible force!

Respectfully yours,
realbitconnect team