25/11/2019 - realBOT update (VIDEO)


Traditional video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stiJWhApR8Q


realBOT updates

While BTC is in a bearish market, our realBOT is still trading well and catching all the main moves. But we noticed that sometimes during the short time price squeezes our algorithm is becoming a bit unstable which causes some small losses in the limits of risk management algorithm, but the trades in total look very good.

Recently we've got an interesting question regarding the profitability of the bot trades under current Bitcoin price. And here is the answer: We have 65% funds on different exchanges with traditional market trades, which means that most of our funds can be out of the market in stable coins.

Also, we would like to remind, that tomorrow we will send second bonus payouts to all investors who bought any of the profit cards.

This time only 330 USDT for bonus payout. Not a big bonus, but its for free.