15/11/2019 - realBOT accounts statements (VIDEO)


Trading accounts 1-5 video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAxU6ycog7o


realBOT accounts statements

If you analyze all existing projects in the crypto world with any mention of a trading bot, then you will understand that almost everyone is lying to you about the existence of their bot. All these projects only could say that they have the trading bot, but they NEVER showed it and won't show any evidence of its existence.

You decide to believe us or not. Honestly, we don't care if someone believes us or not, all of our team are already making weekly profits. Our early investors who believed in our project have already made x2 profit, but soon there will be more.

The great news is coming...

P.S. You can find below five attached screenshots of the five different trading accounts of the realBOT. These are only several accounts from many others.


Trading account 1


Trading account 2


Trading account 3


Trading account 4


Trading account 5