05/12/2019 - realAPI & statement (VIDEO)


realAPI statement video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4fenUmKNSY


realAPI information & statement

During the last week after announcing realAPI feature, we've got a lot of questions regarding the realAPI. The main question was about the algorithm.

We remind you that at the moment for realAPI uses the Centurion trading algorithm which is the light version of the build. The light version means that the investor takes even less risk because this algorithm calculates additional risks.

And because of such additional insurance for investor deposits, the profit, in the end, is a little less than on the main algorithm which uses realBOT. However, this doesn't mean at all that this version of Centurion is a bad one. Quite the contrary, we believe that in this case, the investor will be further protected by greater stability than on other accounts.

Also we would like to reveal some of our plans a little bit - for the moment we have under development an enhanced version of the Centurion algorithm, where the results will be almost the same as on our main accounts. But we will post about it later when we complete additional tests, which could partially remove the limits on the amount of deposit at 12.5 BTC.

Down below you can find the statement of the light version of the Centurion trading algorithm.

You can find more information about joining to realAPI program here: https://t.me/realbitconnect/144


realAPI algorithm trading statement 1-3


realAPI algorithm trading statement 2-3


realAPI algorithm trading statement 3-3