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At the time of the launch of the realbitconnect platform, will be available RBCM coins based on ERC-20, which in the future (after the launch of realDEX) will be converted into RBCM coins based on realDEX blockchain.

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All investors who bought any of the profit cards will
participate in realBOT tradings and start getting
weekly profits.

half circle icon What is RBCM coin

RBCM based on ERC-20 coin for the future blockchain of the entire realDEX ecosystem and related projects. Temporarily, we decided to use ERC-20, as EOS and other well-known projects did, which then went on to develop their blockchain and completely switched to it. We decided to go the same proven way, but significantly improved it.


A real bitcoin trading bot. The more RBCM coins you have, the more % from profit you will get.


Is a future of real decentralized exchanges. Reduced commission for RBCM holders.

Power of community

Joint projects with users of our community. The revolution of doing business in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Merchant platform

RBCM as a payment asset on our merchant platform. Simpler, cheaper and faster!

half circle icon What is realDEX & DEXchange

realDEX is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that will not be controlled by anyone, including us. We all know very well how dangerous it is to keep funds on any centralized platforms which have been hacked more than once (binance, bitfinex, mtgox, etc.).

DEXchange was one of the first builds of the exchange before creating realDEX. We have specially placed in realbitconnect platform's dashboard one of the old versions of the user interface so that you can understand how it all began.

Soon you will see the results of our joint work with the community by development of the decentralized platform. Together we are a force! Join us now!

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half circle icon FAQs

As we said many times we have nothing to do with past bitconnect scam projects.
We are a free, incorruptible and attentive to social injustice realbitconnect team. Our main goals are the truth, equality, mutual respect for all people, regardless of their social status, religion or color.
realbitconnect is financial investment platform which consists of the trading bot, a decentralized exchange (realDEX), trading platform and investment pool.
We plan to launch the first public test version in February 2020. And the final version is planned to be launched in April-May 2020.
RBCM starting price is 1 USDT. Such a price was originally set in 2016 in the original concept and we decided stay with the concept.
We dont need these BCC coins thats why we've decided to make an airdrop instead of exchanging because many BCC holders think that we are collecting scam BCC coins for further purposes. BCC coins which were transferred to your wallet after 01/07/2019 wont be counted for airdrop.
RBCM based on ERC-20 token is a temporary solution while we finish realDEX blockchain. Also we previously mentioned that RBCM based on realDEX blockchain can be launched only when we finish it.

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